Bashir Mirza The Last of the Bohemians

By Marjorie Hussain
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From the time Bashir Mirza held his first art exhibition in Karachi,1963, he was the darling of the media. Bold, talented and innovative, he was one of the city\'s pioneers of modern art. He established Pakistan\'s first commercial gallery in 1965, published an art magazine and in 1967, brought out a portfolio of prints: Portraits of Pakistan. He travelled extensively and painted in series, and was appointed the country\'s first Cultural Attache. He tired of diplomatic life and returned home in 1969 to work on his last important series showing his concerns for for a threatened environment. He explained that as his work had once expressed personal feelings and emotions about his life, love, and fears, in the later years his concerns were for the entire universe.


About the Author:

Marjorie Husain is a well known Karachi based author and art critic, who regularly contributes to Dawn Publications.   

222 Pages
Published by PO Publishing Press
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