Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. (Napoleon Hill)
The exhibition”Determination” is the journey of sculptor Mohammad Ismail who
transforms his limitations into his strength, He survives the reality and makes dreams possible.
 Munawar Ali syed (Visual artist, Teacher and curator)


“The key to unlocking our problems lies within ourselves” This is how Muhammad Ismail
explains the symbolism of his work. “ I make figures standing or walking – things I can
no longer do” In this sense Ismail’s works are Talismans, forged and fashioned with the
intensity of a Hephaestus  hammering, welding and bending metal in his cave like studio.
Durriya Kazi

Head of Department Visual studies, University of Karachi & Visual Artist

ArtChowk The gallery is privileged to present Mohammad  Ismail ‘s first solo exhibition
ArtChowk team