The “Left” to Choose

(A collaborative performance by Waheeda Baloch and Schehzad Mughal)

Description of the Performance

The ARTCHOWK gallery is reopening its doors for the audience with a collaborative musical performance by Waheeda Baloch and Schehzad Mughal. This Performance is a collaborative effort of the artist couple (artist and musician); they will share their reaction about the present-day experience of being an artist addressing the effect of socially constructed ideas and norms suffocating the bloom of creativity. Waheeda Baloch will create a space within the gallery space that can be experienced individually by the audience. While Schehzad Mughal being a subject of the act will play the guitar live. The music piece is composed to deliver a sense of flowing environment; depicting love, romance, passion, fantasy, frustration, anger, numbness and hope through variable musical dynamics.


Introduction of the artists

Waheeda Baloch is a curator/artist and educator; she earned an MA degree in Fine Arts from the University of Sindh and a degree in Curating from Stockholm University in Sweden, presently she is completing PhD in art history from Bonn University in Germany. She works as assistant professor at Institute of Art & design of University of Sindh and practices art as well; she worked with Mobile Art Production (MAP) in Stockholm which was a research-based curatorial organization. Her curated exhibition ‘ITEMS OF DUEL USE’ was shown in Pakistan and Sweden, which was a study of the commonality of artistic expression from both counties and also a result of an investigation of her comparisons of these two countries.  After having educated in contemporary curating with a fine arts background, she developed an especial interest in contemporary performance and conceptual framework of art.

Schehzad Mughal is a renowned musician of Pakistan. Although a microbiologist, he chose to be able to express what he can see, sense and feel through music and entered the music scene of Pakistan professionally in 1989. He has also been the founder member of the first rock band of Pakistan ‘The Final Cut', and later on ‘ARSH' with an album called ‘SARAB', a collaborative effort of four outstanding musicians of the country. Furthermore, he contributed to the music industry with his solo albums namely ‘BHOOLAY NA KABHI' in 1996 and ‘JHOOM LAY' in 2002.His endeavours as a music producer gave him a respectable reputation among the music producers within and outside the country. Recently he is busy with his upcoming singles and also music performances. His music style touches different variations of rock, pop, blues and soul.