Karachi - a city that routinely faces breaking news makes us mad… in a positive way.

Art today has become an exciting statement of cultural diversity mapping diverse geographies. Mad in Karachi 3D II brings together, after a two-year hiatus, 21 artists who constantly leave a social and political imprint on the contemporary art scene through their three-dimensional practices. The essence of the city is imbued in their work, the narrative does not necessarily address the concerns of the city. This show enhances 3D practice of Karachi – a city where we live, amongst a population of 21 million and still constantly changing.

The idea of three-dimensionality will be further explored in contemporary sculptural practices. The elements of media, space and formation have played a crucial role and the expansion of the physical object not only encompasses a space but fascinates the viewer equally.



It is an enthralling spectacle to be viewed through several discourses, finding its expression through the works. From political activism to material culture or form, this exhibition brings diverse artistic engagements. The emphasis is given on the individual idea and its manifestation that effect living in this city, while the city gives the work a certain edge. The works aim to arrest the viewer’s attention which has been neglected so far to a great extent.

Munawar Ali Syed, 2013