There is no dialogue on drones – only jingoistic rhetoric or dreary statistics. The use of drones has resulted in over 3,500 casualties, at least 880 reported to be children. The use of drones thus warrants a dialogue, a two-way exchange of ideas and opinions. A group of students at Tufts University initiated a transnational conversation between American and Pakistani students via postcards and letters: works of correspondence were sent from students at LUMS and NUST to students at Tufts. An equal number responded back. This dialogue is now being presented in an exhibition format with postcards, letters and videos at 

ArtChowk The Gallery, Karachi, on July 1 from 5:30 pm to 8 pm

During the opening reception, there will be a panel discussion on drone strikes in Pakistan, on the difference of opinion among people on the issue, and how dialogue between people – not governments – can raise awareness about the strikes and their alleged efficacy. 

The exhibition will run until July 5, 2013

The show will then travel to Tufts University Art Gallery in September 2013. Everyone is welcome to submit a video at by June 26 or write a postcard during the exhibition and add to the people-to-people exchange. Come and join the conversation!

- Neha Ansari