We live in very narrow worlds, largely human inhabited, where our daily struggles, needs and desires overwhelm us. I once asked a friend, living in London, what birds she saw there and her response was “I don’t think London has birds.” How many of us pause to notice other life around us? There is a beautiful world of animals creating and nurturing an eco-system without which we would cease to exist. Yet we remain oblivious to their endeavor and their beauty. Instead, we ravage their habitats, hunt them for sport and litter their environments. 

It is this fragile world of beauty and magnificence that I seek to capture an.d bring to attention through my lens. Every time I enter the forest, I wonder how long these beautiful creatures will grace us with their presence. Whether we will ever awake to the gifts they offer and the beauty they bring to our lives. 

“JahaanAurBhi Hain” is a tribute to these beautiful creatures that we co-exist with and who support our existence, yet remain hidden to our sight and our senses. It is an attempt to turn your heart and mind towards them.

                                                                                                                       Anusheh Hussain