What do the patterns in the clouds say?
What do the roots in the ground say?What do the veins in our body say?Why is it that we must label our surroundings, experiences & objects?To make sense of them? From an early age we are conditioned to compartmentalize and categorize our experiences, now more than ever before. The most common question I get asked about by work is exactly this – What does it say? Rather than telling a coherent story, my works are all open to interpretation and inquiry – yet, the calligraphic characters all have their place – they are there not without reason. Abstraction plays a key role in expanding our subconscious and creativity. It breaks us away from our social/ cultural conditioning. The use of monotone black white and grey further expands and explores the possibilities of creation through limitations.  The process induces a meditative state through the act of repetition.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Faizan Reidinger