Ambreen Qureshi grew up in Karachi, and after completing her high school from Karachi Grammar School went on to Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia where she graduated with a bachelors in Fine Arts. After graduation she moved to New York where she currently resides and works. Ambreen has been part of several shows, exhibiting her work in Soho, NY, Huntington, NY, the Art League of Long Island, North Shore Art Guild and most recently at the MCAD alumni curated show in Philadelphia.

“I have always been drawn to watercolours. Their unpredictability and spontaneity intrigue me. There is no room for error and it’s impossible to change what the brush intends, carrying me along a magical path. The colours have a life of their own, pushing the boundaries of imagination. Inspiration for my work comes from my travels, from the shapes and hues of nature, landscapes and the world around me. I want to be able to stir the soul and connect the viewer to the beauty and fluidity of the watercolour, taking us beyond our sight, deeper into the abstract”