Riffat Alvi   -   Aliya Husain Ahmad


Riffat Alvi is renowned for her work in ceramics and the third dimension. Her use of earth as pigments is her novel technique which has created great interest internationally. She has travelled extensively and shown her works within and outside Pakistan; with her unique visual perception which creates an immediate impact on the viewer.

Riffat has run VM Art gallery for 3 decades as Director and has created it as a base for shows from Europe and Americas. She has singlehandedly started the emerging-artists platform which has launched some of our internationally renowned artists of today. But her most important legacy remains her artworks.



Aliya Husain Ahmad Born in Pakistan but a true “citizen of the world,” Aliya has spent much of her life on the move. She has lived in Pakistan. Hong Kong, Indonesia, Toronto, London, Dubai and now calls Bahrain home.

She is self taught ceramic artist and has enjoyed the process of educating herself in the art by researching, reading and experimenting.

She has attended George Brown College in Toronto to study Jewellery Design. This has allowed her to incorporate metalsmith techniques in her work as well as to create jewellery out of earthenware.