This new body of work highlights a sense of reinventing Self and Serendipity. It is a representation of my attribution towards my Respected mentor Dr. Mohammad Alam, who not only nurtured my soul, but also helped me in discovering my strengths, paved my way and ferried me out of all the chaos I was almost drowned in. 
These works of mine embody my way of showing Gratitude to him while simultaneously paying homage to him and the eminence of his Presence in my life.

The expression epitomizes the Spirit of *“Kintsugi" meaning 'Golden Repair'.

This time it somehow became my medium of expression itemizing the tale of my rebirth. 
The process itself gave me a chance to begin my exploration for the Real crux of Life . 
The work chronicles around my journey of Learning, Evolving and Growing while concurrently enjoying the infusion of all these getting stirred within.... - The Residue of which has begun to encapsulate and render my experiences of Life....

*Kintsugi - The Art of Precious Scars.

A 500 years old Japanese Method of repairing and transforming broken ceramic pottery with seams of Gold into beautiful Masterpieces....