Featured Artists

Nauman Abid
Ahsan Asghar
Amina El-Edroos

Nowhere: Now-here

Since the early 2000’s, artists have experimented with digital media and tools to represent observations and subjective narratives. Similarly, as a society, we are a people passively consuming excess of digital content through our phones, cameras, television, magazines, billboards etc. Images are constantly being created, manipulated, reused and reconfigured in this digital age.

In the show, Nowhere; Now-here, three artists come together to showcase their works that highlight mundane spaces, places and objects in each of their own unique styles. Amidst plethora of digital reproduction of imagery, the artists invite the viewer into varying scenes of the everyday. The pieces in the show reflect ideas of isolation and lack of connection within virtual time and space.
Artist use the camera as a tool to capture scenes from the everyday while using varying techniques of photomanipulation, deconstructing images to reconstruct meaning within the picture frame.

Featured works build a narrative around the consumption of imagery. Where subsequently works evolve into representations of the lived spaces.