Linking the past with the present and exploring ourselves through the lens of the past. The fast-moving passage of time containing within it seemingly endless changes left humans with a desire to find a foothold connecting us to this flow of history and our place in it.

What is present today will tomorrow be the past and what we are today defines what we will be tomorrow.

The ever-present question since the dawn of humankind......who am I and why am I here-has haunted and tantalized countless generations since times immemorial.  The artists from this exhibition also share this desire to locate themselves within the ambit of history and unravel the essence of who they are. Their medium for this exploration is their art......and this exhibition presents their contemporary artistic expression fed by their journey through the millennia the artists Faiza Bhatti, Farrukh Adnan, Minaa Haroon, Ozma Bhatti, Sana Durrani, and Tayyaba Sabir.


Curated by
Ozma Bhatti