Faizan Riedinger

As an artist, it is important for me to capture and encapsulate movement, rhythm and vibrations. I am fascinated and curious about natural formations, growth in nature, fractals and ancient scriptures. Most of my inspiration derives from abstraction within nature, organic structures and the presence of fluidity within scripts.
The process can be painstaking with lots of repetition. It induces a meditative state of mind, which is a very crucial element of my work. Honesty plas a big roll, considering that most of the work is made free hand. It is subjective and open to interpretation as it focuses on abstraction and how it makes one feel rather than telling a logical story. 



Tabbasum Rafique
I have worked on various themes since I started creating Art Works. Present art works are different from all those and the preliminary drawings came into being while I was time to time scribbling on different papers without much thinking. I, however, seriously wanted my scribbling to reach to specific art form. These are kind of automatic drawings which have been produced like the works of Surrealist Artists. I have also given way to my conscious effort to replenish, reconstruct and retouch these drawings to transform it into a specific form and create the wanted effect and meanings. 
The forms are organic, intricate and done with very minute detail. They seem realistic but at the same time, surrealistic and abstract. They are reflections of my sensitive skill and creativity. I feel my main source of inspiration is nature, whether they are clouds or stones on the banks of river or the flowers. I feel as I also have been influenced by the writings or the drawings of the children made on sand or I am copying the ants which create ant hills by digging out and spreading small grains of soil on the mouth of their nests. I also feel that through last few decades environment is one theme which is missing from many contemporary art works.