My work is an exploration of nostalgia notion, offering a new interpretation to the topophilia concept, which means ‘love for a place’ with cultural and identitarian connotations. I , who spent part of my life in Pakistan and part in United Kingdom, explore my paradoxical feelings of being physically in a place, Pakistan, while I feel emotionally in another place, London. This contradiction determinates an emotional turn where the memory plays a strong role in the generation of new images. By exploring these feelings, there echoes a sense of human incompleteness.

The process is aesthetically translated by the production and the re-elaboration of the photographs. These photographs mostly captured in London and some in Pakistan, successively assembled and re-mounted, follow a personal memento which does not need to be realistic or coherent. My spatial solutions indeed produce a destruction of the realistic and illusionary.

It is a state of mind which I show, memories all mixed together. As I travel, different places are incorporated in my work from memory. As they become memories over time and an experience of place and space.

It’s a world of my memory. A world unrealistic yet made from the realistic.

By the use of collage and mixed media, I mark my stylistic difference. The reinventions inspired by the interior effects of Diaspora, become a record of the transformation of my identity, where the memory bursts and recreates the existence of the every-day present.