We live in a hugely populated city, Karachi! with limited resources provided, the issues of waste management is escalating every day in our bustling city. Heaps of garbage piling up and being burnt is a common site around Karachi.  


Message from the ArtChowk Team

"The ArtChowk team put out an open call on 14 august 2017 to create awareness about this issue. We felt artists will have tremendous visual impact on the citizen of the city through artworks made from recycled everyday materials and this should get the message across; to keep Karachi clean.


We had images of artworks pouring in and had to select artworks that expressed our message best. We chose 40 artworks for the exhibition; each artwork has been made from recycled waste material.


\We hope our viewers appreciate the efforts of all the participating artists and that the main aim of creating awareness gets across to our Karachi citizens."