Khowab Aatey Huway Sunaee Diye ---(when I hear my dreams) friends, art lovers, art students, respectable teachers of Karachi art institutions, and all,---- soon I will be in ArtChowk Karachi with a lot of love and affection--- this show is homage to Urdu poetry. I borrowed the title of the show-- Khowab Aatey Huway Sunaee Diye ---from the renowned poet of Pakistan Saleem Kausar-----this is also the title of his upcoming book of poetry---

Mai khayal hoon kisi aur ka mujhey sochta koi aur hai
sar-e-aina mera aks hai pas-e-aina koi aur hai.
He is one of my brave friend fighting with cancer, never stopped his creations and writings.
The story of Giotto to Picasso tells us a cognitive process of evolution in art: Dissolving past into the present, a hue created was called future. Thus we can see a strong derivative journey of past towards presents and future. After Warhol and Duchamp, anything can be art. The critical apparatus of control has broken; traditional art theory and traditional art history have failed to stand up to modernism. Perhaps, Modernist and post modernist are defining a future as well as they are destroying the values of present and past.
What’s wrong - if the essence of past is completely discarded from the present, what will be the future?
The answer is; a question of future not to be answered in the present specially pertaining to art. Let the future decide whether a painting is a work of art or not. The best solution for an artist is to work with a divine liberty, either communicating with others or not.
My work has been easily understood even by a layman and reputed aesthetic persons. I believe that good art is always alive.
Masood A. Khan is a special being with sensitivities beyond his creative instinct. He reaches out in appreciation for our literature and music, which completes him as a human being. His honest commitment to his art has not only won him admiration within Pakistan but he has won accolades in other parts of the world.
                                                                                                                                                       SHAKIRA MASOOD