Miniature art itself is the subject of discussion in my work. Making of detail drawings and miniatures take a view of historical period in present time. Historical symbolism and figures has been a central theme of my surfaces and connection between the images are as a means to question about the current position of traditional art and iconography. Borrowing of imagery from the pages of famous traditional schools and transforming them by juxtaposed, overlapped and rearranged to construct new narratives. I use a mostly traditional miniature technique often on small or large scales, develop them gradually and put them into new contexts to articulate contemporary issues of traditional art in the modern world.

Asif Ahmed


To construct my compositions on the basis of my own storyline, I work with fractions of existing or found images, created by others. Mostly, I borrow these fraction of images from my surroundings, whether it is a decorative element of a local bus/truck or a segment of a Miniature painting, printed in an art history book.

I do a kind of recycling of images; even I extensively incorporate the found images in my work but my compositions are very much of my own, which subvert the original contextual meanings of the existing images and suggest new messages to the viewers.

Atif Khan