“When you want something

You have never had,

You have to do something

You have never done”



Women all over the world prove this adage daily with small instances of remarkable acts that question any limitations that society may impose on them. In the sphere of creativity, the role of the woman artist has expanded beyond her eponymous label: she creates her own visual language basing her narrative on matters that concern her, no longer allowing her work to be interpreted within the parameter of gender, a practice that renders its understanding incomplete and sometimes objectifies it. The space that the female artist has created within the industry is therefore at par with men and provides a yin yang alternative to their male counterparts, one that questions and contradicts but ultimately complements.

Kiran Shah, Shahana Munawar and Zainub Mawaz come together to present their individual concerns through their visual languages. These are individualistic in themselves but merge together to make a thematic narrative that engages the viewer into their line of enquiry.


Shakira Masood


Artist Statement


My work is a reaction to (my) reality.

In this process the medium keeps changing,

Painting, sculpture, video and sound installations.

Work that invites even pulls the spectator in.

Whereupon a closer view of the treatment

Bares a contrasting view, one that repels:

Duality has been a persisting theme in my work

Kiran Shah


I am looking for myself in the classic female portraits through my colors and compositions

My personal interpretation brings to life for me these timeless works of art.

Shahana Munawar


My compositions are what define my thought processes, they come through in random

Symbolism where the viewers are allowed to form their own analogy.

Self -invented surface preparation, novel -mixing techniques and irregular surfaces all find a home  in my work.

I hope my crow inspires the viewer to think about our world and the choices we make.


Zainub Mawaz