Working in clay is one of the most exciting processes- ask anybody involved in clay, they will give you a similar response. it involves experimentation and discovery- the more you work in clay you realize that there is much more to learn and discover. The start of the journey is initiated with clay development to suitable construction techniques, slip and glaze development (a play of clays/alumina and silica's, coloring oxides and fluxes), and finally the variations in firing temperatures and rate at which both green and bisque forms are fired . It’s a process with a steep learning curve. It’s a fantastic journey, strongly recommended to enthusiasts.
This series
Construction of sculptural work has been a combination of hand building and throwing techniques, complimented with the use of surface slips gently burnished into the ‘green’ form in order to maintain a smooth matt satin finish reminiscent of weathering by water and air. With a focus on surface textures-whilst using traditional red clay; as they did millennium ago in Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilizations, this series evokes; conceptually, the timeless process of erosion. The surface is intentionally smooth and weathered to the touch as it would be when unearthed through an archeological dig representing a certain time of past.
Surface design focuses on various regions of Pakistan, both abstracting its geological makeup and layout.
Both slips and glazes have been handmade-perfected to suit low earthen ware clay firing temperatures.