My work revolves around the saturated visual culture of ‘shock and awe’ that emerged
after 9\11, and was made ubiquitous by the electronic and print media networks. I
experience these visuals of horric violence associated with terrorism through the
media as an “image event” and they become part of my memory and consciousness.
This culture aects my visual vocabulary and dictates me to lter those images from my
point of view. As Susan Sontag said;

“The image consumes the event, in the sense that it absorbs it and
oers it for consumption. Admittedly, it gives it unprecedented
impact, but impact as an image event”

This process has given birth to another set of visuals, which you can see in my work. I
made these sculptural pieces as a metaphor for the heroic trophies we lay claim to in
defeating terrorism. The diluted, abstract forms and drawings are suggestive of my
understanding of terror and violence in Pakistan.
Through my work I want to both comment on this phenomenon and oer the viewer an
opportunity to rethink and question the very existence of these visuals in our culture.
Anam Rani