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Adeel uz Zafar

After graduating from the National College of Arts in 1998, I became involved in creating illustrations for children’s story books & supplementary reading materials. While working on these assignments I got a chance to live in the comparatively remote & isolated northern areas of Pakistan. It was here that I began producing images on the photographic paper, drawings carved with the cutter because conventional art materials were hard to come by.

Affected by the solitude and my illustration work, I started working on a series of drawings, simultaneously visualizing & planning for the series. However returning to city life pushed this entire process onto a back burner.

Recently I have picked up my drawings where I had left off, however the series has taken on new meaning relevant to the current times.

These sensitive drawings on photographic paper are the products of my state of mind, reflective of the age of uncertainty & flux we live in, whimsical images that talk about a world of contrast in life.

Adeel uz Zafar