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Moeen Faruqi


Moeen Faruqi’s work is rich in metaphor; he is an artist who enjoys titillating the observer’s curiosity with symbols. In the environment through his paintings, he leads the audience in raising questions and forming opinions of the watches replica for sale subjects’ daily lives. Faruqi’s subjects appear self-conscious, vulnerable in a way that touches the observer. Mask like features are guarded, posed as if for a photograph in a family album. Often the subjects of his work are set in a surrealist scenario, where undercurrents of chaos are discerned. In spite of the decorum that speaks of `attitude’, the paintings appear as a sympathetic scrutiny of human foibles, his intentions perhaps to create a theatre of the absurd. 

By creating unreal situations, often humorous and witty but always haunting and thought provoking, the paintings bring into sharp focus each character’s distinct eccentricities, mirroring and celebrating unique and precious individuality. Moeen Faruqi offers intriguing visual narratives to play with; stories viewers may interpret according to their own view of life.

Moeen Faruqi’s paintings engage the viewer in a dialogue about ideas that require the collaboration of the viewer. His work….references surrealism, magical realism and salutes the cheap replica harry winston work of Di Chirico and Tasaduq Sohail to whom he pays homage. Since his first exhibition in the eighties, Faruqi has explored human beings as mute prisoners of their innermost feelings depicting subjects living in close proximity yet emotionally far apart.

Marjorie Husain