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Farrukh Adnan


Visual Artist







2014   MA in Art and Design Studies   Beaconhouse National University Lahore                                                                 

2008   Bachelor in Communication Design   National College of Arts Lahore

2004   1 Year Graphic Design Diploma   Arena Multimedia Lahore



Visiting Lecturer


2016-17         Art History and Drawing   NCBA&E   Lahore

2015-16         Photography   National College of Arts   Lahore



2019   Earth Cover   Koel Gallery Karachi

2018   Excavations   Rohtas 2 Lahore

2017   Enigmatic Spaces   Koel Gallery Karachi

2015   Unfolding Matters   Sanat Initiative Karachi




2020   Of the Moments   12.0Contemporary Islamabad

2019   Traces of Memory   12.0Contemporary Islamabad

            Dialogue between Traditions and Modernity   IAF19 Islamabad

2nd Alhamra National Exhibition of Visual Arts   Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore

Beyond the Waters   Curated by Amra Ali Koel Gallery Karachi

            The Autonomous Draughtsman   Tanzara Gallery Islamabad

Looking back to look within   Art Chowk Gallery Karachi                                                              

2018   1st Alhamra National Exhibition of Visual Arts   Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore

Art for Education: Contemporary Artists from Pakistan   curated by Salima Hashmi & Rosa Maria Falvo   Museo Diocesan Carlo Maria Martini Milan

            Art for Artist: Qutub Rind & Contemporaries   O Art Space Lahore

            Looking back to look within   Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore

            Between the Dots   O Art Space Lahore

            How is afraid of art?   Curated by: Asad Hayee   Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore

            A Collateral Event of LB 01 Resurgence: Redefining the Landscape of Lahore   Curated by: Mariam Hanif   Ejaz Art Gallery Lahore

           Boiling Springs Art Exhibition of Pakistan   Belt and Road   Exhibition of Pakistani

           Art Suzhou University Museum Exhibition Hall Beijing China

            9th National Exhibition   Pakistan National Council of Arts Islamabad

            Imago Mundi: Luciano Benetton Collection   Lines in the Sand: Contemporary Art from Pakistan   Curated by Amanullah Mojadidi Venice Biennale 2018 Italy

2017   Distorted Paradigms   Satrang Gallery Islamabad

2016   Open Fields   Curated by: Aasim Akhtar   PNCA Islamabad

            The Monotony of Life   Curated by: Wardah Naeem Bukhari   Full Circle Gallery Karachi

            Monochrome Monologues   The Paint Bucket Gallery Lahore

            Museum of Wasted Love   Full Circle Gallery Karachi

2015   Revelation   Artscene Galleries Karachi

            Revelation   Ejaz Art Gallery Lahore

2014   Migrations and Movement: Close Together   Voice Breaking Boundaries

            Houston USA

            Show Down   Gallery Alliance Francaise de Karachi

            It's a Material World   Art Chowk Gallery Karachi                                                        

2013   Young Emerging Artists: Phillips Collection USA   American Consulate General Lahore   Zahoor ul Akhlaq Gallery   NCA Lahore

            As and when it happens   Art Chowk Gallery Karachi

            11/39K   39K Gallery   Model Town Lahore

2012   Dot to Dot   Curated by: Tanya Sani   Nairang Art Gallery Lahore                           

            Dimension One   De Drawing Studio Lahore

            Day after Tomorrow   Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore                                                         

2011   Vived Stills   Curated by: Abdullah Qureshi   39K Gallery Lahore

2008   Transformation: An exhibition of NCA student’s art works based on Allama Iqbal’s Verse: “Learn to think and see in new ways”   Zahoor ul Akhlaq Gallery NCA Lahore

2007   The Generation Next   Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore 



2012   South Asia Foundation (SAF) Madanjeet Singh Art Scholarship



2019   Project12   12.0Contemporary Islamabad



2016   Artist Talk to open audience at BQ Studio Lahore



2016   Participated in the art project Walking Presence Lahore

A social performance as a part of the project We Walk Lahore with artist Honi Ryan

            Artist Talk Certificate   BQ Studio Lahore

2013   Young Emerging Artists: Phillips Collection USA   American Consulate General Lahore

2012   Youth Lens   Nukta Art - Contemporary Art Magazine of Pakistan Karachi

2007   Calligraphy Award Prize   Alhamra Art Council Lahore

2006   Anti-Corruption Poster Competition   Organized by NAB Punjab and NCA Lahore

National Accountability Bureau Lahore




2019   Dawn: Peerzada Salman, Earth and art, August 25, 2019

            Art Now: Nayha Jehangir Khan, The Autonomous Draftsman, 2019

2018   The news on Sunday: Quddus Mirza, Soul of the soil: Farrukh Adnan transforms his hometown Tulamba into a poetic entity an exhibition being held at Rohtas 2, November, 2018

Art Asia Pacific I Magazine: Alessandra Alliata Nobili, Art for Education: Contemporary Artists from Pakistan is on view at the Carlo Maria Martini Diocesan Museum, Milan, November, 2018

Dawn: Naeem Saadhu, Creating Visuals out of Ruins, October, 2018

Art Now: Mehjabeen Soomro, Between the Dots, July, 2018

Dawn: How is afraid of Art? Opens at Alhamra, January, 2018

2017   The News: Aasim Akhtar, Impossible Views, Possible Perspectives, November,

           Dawn epaper: Maliha Safiullah, Work inspired by impressions of locations showcased at the Satrang Art Gallery, Novermber, 2017

Dawn: Peerzada Salman, Enigmatic Spaces under way, July, 2017

Artnow: Ayesha Naveed, Enigmatic Spaces, July, 2017

The Express Tribune: Fatima Munir, History of modern decay: Lahore based artist explores ancient city of Tulamba, July, 2017

Dawn: Nimra Khan, Exhibition: Archiving Landscapes, July 2017

2016   The Express Tribune: Visual narratives: Beyond the monotony of life, November, 2016

Art Now: Nasir Faiz, Diversity of Thoughts, November, 2016

The Express Tribune: Mariam Shafqat, Black and White: Seven emerging artists exhibit Monochrome Monologues, October, 2016

The Express Tribune: Concept of belonging binds Museum of Wasted Love, April, 2016

2015   The Express Tribune: Ayesha Mir, Depicting the surreal through mix media, November, 2015

The Express Tribune: Yusra Salim, Unfolding matters: Artist depicts relationship of human psyche with geography, February, 2015

2013   Dawn: Peerzada Salman, As and when it happens, March 2013

Daily Times: Andaleeb Rizvi, As & when it happens: Operationalising contemporary dialectics through art & media, April, 2013

Dawn: Muhammad Azeem, Artist’s work: Converging point, April, 2013

2012   The Express Tribune: Sonia Malik, Exhibition: 11 artists ‘experiment’ with photos, paintings and installations, October, 2012

‘Dimension One’ by three artists, September, 2012

Dawn: Art mart: Engaging enigmas, May, 2012

The Express Tribune: Sonia Malik, Dot to Dot: Visions of a Peaceful Karachi, Urbanized Lahore, April, 2012