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Rafe- uz-Zaman


Rafe-uz-Zaman was born on 3 January 1924 in Frankfurt, Germany where he spent the first six years of his childhood. Rafe was brought up by maternal grandparents as both his parents were studying at the Best Replica Watches Online University of Frankfurt-am-Main at the time. His early childhood upbringing by his German grandparents had a great impact on almost every aspect of his later life, particularly his passion for art and music.

The output of his paintings was enhanced when he returned to Pakistan in 1968 after a twenty year stay abroad, mainly in Geneva and Paris.

In 1994 when he finally retired from his professional life he devoted all his time to his passion _ art_ and worked with a ferocious speed to produce some of his best work until his death in January 2000.


He chose different media for his drawings and paintings but only clay for his sculptures. His earlier works were done in oils, crayons, watercolors and lead pencil. From 1960 onwards he added pastels and Chinese ink to his repertoire and continued their use for thirty years.

Education and Academic qualifications


Schooling: - Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi


Studied Physiology and Anatomy for a year at King George’s Medical College, Lacknow, India.

BA: - (Hons.) English, Delhi University


M.A. Philosophy, Delhi University


M.S Journalism, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. U.S.A hot cheap replica watches