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Waqas Haider

My core style of work is highly observational, depending on my perception regarding this world and its surroundings and how much we rely upon man made things, in return ignoring and polluting the natural environment.

How we rely on a tiny little bottle of mineral water and polluting the beauty of the sea.

There was a time when the purest form of water didn't come in a bottle, but we could drink directly from a river, sparkling pure water from river streams, pure and clean. Those were the days, now all we see is pollution and garbage, destroying even the smallest essence of whats left of these nature’s wonders. 

My photography is based on self awareness and observation regarding how can a person bring about change within the society with just a single act of positivity or showing this world a real picture of the current condition. Thousands are living without basic necessities but no one can live without water, in a nutshell, clean drinking water!!


The photograph that i have submitted in art chowk is


(W)e (A)re (T)he (E)arth’s (R)esources


If we turn these resources into trash bins, we are actually not killing only ourselves, but also other living things.



Waqas Haider