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Ussama Bin Naveed

Ussama Bin Naveed


Artist Statement


The city I live in, its neighbourhoods, the gullies, the streets and the bazaars around me are the subject matter for my work. These busy, urban sprawls are bustling with life throughout the day, however I try to photograph them during moments of rest when everything seems to have calmed down. My paintings take shape from these photographs.

In closed city centers, empty streets and abandoned markets I see a reflection of how transient life is. In my work I try to capture the fleeting nature of time with oil paints on canvas.


About The Artist







Ussama graduated with a B.FA from the National College of Arts, Lahore in 2014. During this time he focused primarily on traditional oil painting techniques and refined his craft as a realist painter.  Currently he works as a digital artist at a mobile game development studio in Lahore.


Notable exhibitions include ‘Metamorphosis of time’ held at Mussawir Gallery, Dubai, 2015 and ‘Re-look at Miniatures’ at the Pakistan Embassy in Jakarta. Indonesia, 2014. Ussama is currently based in Islamabad, Pakistan.