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Afshar Malik

Afshar Malik


6  Shariff Colony, Canal Park, Lahore. Pakistan




Date of Birth: 9th March, 1955...  Bahawalpur, Pakistan


Higher Diploma in Fine Arts

1986 - 1988                   Slade School of Fine  Arts ,

                                    University College London, UK

British Council Scholar

·     Major in Printmaking


Graduation in Fine Arts

1974 - 1978                   National College of Arts Lahore


·     National Diploma in Fine Arts

·     First Division


Professional Experience

1983 - 1986                   National College of Arts Lahore

·     Taught fundamental drawing course to the first year students

1988 - 1994                   National College of Arts                                    

Taught drawing, painting and lithography


Associate Professor

2009 - to date                National College of Arts Lahore                         

Teaching Printmaking and Fine Arts


Assistant Professor

1994 -  2009                  National College of Arts Lahore

Teaching Printmaking to Fine Arts Students




2011      “Rising Tide” a group show curated by Naiza Khan at Mohatta Palace Karachi               


2010     Two person show of paintings and mix media at Canvas Art Gallery Karachi

2006     Solo show of paintings at Canvas Art Gallery Karachi

2006     Group show of prints “Festival of Muslim Cultures: UK 2006”

2005     Solo show of paintings at Rohtas 2 Lahore

2004     Solo show of paintings at Canvas, Karachi

2004       “Contemporary printmakers from Pakistan” a group show at Highpoint, Minneapolis USA and Appalechian University North Carolina USA

2004     Group show at “Khaas” art gallery Islamabad.

2003     Vasl workshop's exhibition held at VM Gallery Karachi

2003     A two person show of drawings at Canvas Karachi

2000     Solo show of paintings and mix media prints at Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi

2000     A three person show of paintings at Sim Sim Gallery,  Lahore

2000     A group show of drawings at Sim Sim Gallery, Lahore,

2000     Contemporary Art from Pakistan in Tehran, Iran

1999     A three person show of paintings and ceramics at Sim Sim Gallery, Lahore

1997      “Printmakers from Pakistan” a group show held at Bradford Art Museum, Bradford UK

1996      Group show of paintings,  Colombo Sri Lanka

1995      A two person show of Lithographs, etchings and ceramic at Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi

1995      A three person show of etchings “Etched Images” at the NCA Gallery, Lahore

1994-99  ‘Scope’ - group shows by the faculty of National College of Arts at NCA Gallery, Lahore

1994      A group show of Sculptures at the NCA Gallery, Lahore

1993       A group show ‘Printmakers from NCA’ - etchings and lithographs at the American Centre Gallery Lahore 

1993      Solo show “42 Etching Prints” at the Art Gallery, Islamabad

1990      Solo show ‘Slade Portfolio’ - Lithographs and Etchings at Rohtas Gallery, Islamabad

1989      Solo show ‘Slade Portfolio’ -  Lithographs and Prints at

               Zamana Interior, Lahore

1988      Post graduate show at Slade School of Fine Arts, London UK

Other Professional Experiences


1978-1979         ‘The Muslim’    Islamabad

·     Staff Cartoonist for a daily English newspaper

1979 - 1980                   ‘DHANNAK’                                            Lahore

·     Staff Cartoonist and illustrator for a monthly society magazine

1979 - 1980                   ‘JANG’                                                   Lahore

·     Cartoonist for a daily urdu newspaper

1989 - 2001                   ‘The Friday Times’                                 Lahore

·     Cartoonist for a weekly magazine - newspaper

1985 - 1986                   ‘MIDAS’                                                  Lahore

·     Worked as an illustrator and visualizer in an advertising agency

1978 - 1994                   ‘Design & Illustration”                            Lahore

·     Worked as a free lance designer and illustrator for ten children’s story books and posters for AGHS - an NGO

1978 - 1994                   ‘Pakistan Television’                              Lahore

·     Worked as a freelance illustrator for children programmes

1997 - 2000                   ‘Ambiance Installations’                         Lahore

·     Designed and installed ambiance of spring festival - a dinner hosted by ‘The News’ for their clients and social elite:

·         At the Mughal’s “Kamran’s Baradari” - an island in River Ravi 1997

·         At “Evernew Studios”  a film studio 1998

·         At the Mughal’s “Asif Jah’s Haveli” 2000

·         For Pakistan Cricket Board to award the cricket stars at   “Escort Gardens” 2000







2000 - to date                Murals                                                   Lahore

·     Designed and produced ceramic tiles, slabs and relief sculptures for the mural - size: 15x27ft. in a farm house

·     Painted a dome in a farm house of 15 ft dia using mixed media, acrylic paints and printing ink

·     A mural in ceramics in a farm house size

1996      Painted a dome of a local restaurant (McDonalds at Fortress Stadium) in Lahore Mural size: 80ft. Dia



2005      Participated in a seven day workshop in Marvi, Mumbai, India.              

2003      Participated in the Vasl 2003 workshop in Karachi                     

1995-to date ‘HUMSUB’ - establishing and conducting a private ceramic workshop with a group of young people

1993       ‘DHOON DHOON’ - an audio video puppet film (22 minutes) about our environment/pollution for WWF. Conceptualized, directed and produced the sets, props and puppets

1992      Designed stage for a children’s play, at Children Complex, Lahore

1990      Conducted an experimental Workshop of Lithography at the NCA Lahore

1989      Conducted a private workshop in Lithography at the NCA, Lahore

1978-01 Conducted several Drawings and Paintings workshops with children of age 2-12 years