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Abdul Rasheed

 Employing sublime strokes, Abdul Rasheed creates flowing images with Arabic text that feature verses from the Holy Quran and names of the Almighty, and for those who see with the mind's eye, they take on vibrant and unfathomable meanings.

Abdul Rasheed is self-taught. He has been painting for quite many years and uses oil paints, acrylics, water colours and pastels. He employs an 'antique' touch to his art. After graduation he studies law, but it was the fine arts that beckoned him, and he responded to his heart's call.
Another interesting fact of his work is that the script he uses is his own creation. Abdul Rasheed's main inspiration is nature, and he uses mostly natural colours in his art to reflect this love.
Watching him paint is quite an experience, as he handles the project with the utmost finesse orologi replica italia and ease. Within short time, he can create a calligraphic masterwork that will add to the aesthetic beauty of any surrounding, as has been attested by critics.