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Ilona Yusuf


I like to take photographs and use these to put together photo collages in preparation for making solar plate etchings.  

I want to take my photographs beyond the postcard effect and more towards an abstracted impression of the subject. After considerable experiment using the double exposure technique, I settled on using the single exposure technique. The former gave me correct, faithful rendition of detail, whereas I wanted to preserve a certain amount of detail with an element of abstraction, where elements have been left out. Although the results are never quite predictable, they are usually exciting and give me ideas for the addition of line work added to the plate before inking, or texture during the inking process, or tea washes and/or hand coloring after pulling the print. I enjoy the possibilities offered by the simplest colour combinations of black and white or sepia and white, but in some cases, colour is integral to give depth to the design.


Ilona S. Yusuf