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Shargeel Zafar

This body of work revolves around the inner feelings and mind-set of my subject: the rolex replica common man of this society, who exists with in me and every person living.


This is about the common man dreams for a peaceful and pure world, ignoring the real world which is full of its own miseries and pain. The overall execution of this series explores the intricacies of the dark and desperate world of his and sheds light on his complex situation.


Basically, I was inspired by my surroundings – the many contradicting shades of society to which I belong to. But when it came down to translating my thoughts, the choice of medium could only be the last resort. I wanted to talk about the journey of a man which is a process of exploration and risks. Finally, this very thought inspired me to experiment with my medium and techniques as I go along.


My work shows the inner frustrations of a man who has his eyes shut from the Fake Watches UK reality that is destroying him with relentless consistency causing him anguish, pain or maybe pleasure at times,…unconscious,…subconscious or conscious… eyes tightly shut wide open, which is right and what should be ?...


Shargeel Zafar