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Raheela Abro


 Due to our country’s current social and economical and a critical situation, the Fake Breitling Watches common people of our country are being played with; and whoever is in power at the time, plays with the emotions of the common man.

As a miniaturist I experiment with various techniques of miniature paintings, in my current body of work the traditional gouache I have replaced with oil and the traditional “wasli” (handmade paper) with wood; in this case wooden chess pieces -“pawns” -the weakest pieces in a chess set- represent my subjects; these are painted portraits of common masses (“the awaam”) (who are generally the ones taken advantage off). I have used portraits of men from the Mughal period, showing their anguish  and painted owls (Owls or “ullo” in Urdu language) shows that the layman(the awaam) of our country are being  treated like owls(considered as fools in our present political culture) by those in power Replica Watches Sale.