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Amena Bandukwala


My work is a reflection of who I am.

secrets and brewing as I drive through the cluttered hectic pseudo pretentious urban landscapes filtering nothingness till my head hurts

My contradictions, retaliations and expressions.

agonizing day to day depressive conflicts experienced between having to yield to society’s oppressive absolutism and living what is meant to be lived

It is my hope and purpose to survive.

meaningless lifestyles surrounding me that I have been hublot replica watches sculpted into

My seduction.

excitement that bubbles from the chaotic nature this sanctuary holds for me and draws my mind into until I am dazed by the possibilities that this world has to offer

I humble myself to the forms of art and its meaning to our reclusive souls.

in this place and time after witnessing what horrors the world has to offer second hand, I await to witness an artistic miracle within me

It is a fusion of styles that my mind captures, captivates and therefore creates.

diverse artificial and media absorbed zombies walking the streets seeking a lifestyle branded upon them radiating all sorts of thought processes however mundane it may be, channeled through my sub consciousness

When a piece is complete, there is nothing like the euphoria that emerges from within.

a secret sensation converted into a splurge of energy on a surface emblazoned with peculiar emotions.

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