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Saqib Mughal

Art, for me, is more than personal expression; it is an attempt to understand and omega replica watches highlight social and cultural issues, particularly issues that have direct relevance to contemporary life.


Most of my work comes from a strong oriental influence – the objects, themes and symbols are essentially South-Asian painted in modern artistic style. Human sufferings, violence, gross indifference of society, and cultural problems of expatriates are subjects of my work. These underlying themes are super-imposed by a mix of tones and textures.


As an artist, I am an experimentalist. I use a lot of space, lines and geometrical shapes on large and small canvases. My paintings are usually composition of several canvases – a technique that helps me create a visual environment for my themes. My process of creation is based on conscious observation of subject matter followed by iterative thought process for pruning abstract ideas and transforming them in to a mental image. I, then, relay these concepts in to a medium that best fits the idea.


The emotional landscape that I create has layers of meanings. Object and figures that I use in my paintings are easily recognizable elements of modern society. These elements create a simple and clear message as well as give me freedom to symbolically relate them to deeper and multiple meanings. The closed doors not just refer to ‘lack of knowledge and awareness’ or ‘social barriers’ but also act as a symbol of home – home that is a symbol of shelter and solace for expatriates. Similarly, birds are not just onlookers – they are harbinger of change as well. Colors and Cheap UK Replica Watches Store textures aggregate the whole idea – the use of light and dark tones coupled with sharp textures broaden the spectrum of meanings.