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Irfan Gul

Irfan Gul



I lead you to my little garden; I tell you not to enter. Such is Replica Breitling Bentley UK life.


Such is the life we lead. Life is faith and learning and art; life is living. Yet faith is forbidden us and we may not learn or live; for if we try, our houses of prayer and learning shall be bombed, and we shall die: what of life?


Living is far too expensive nowadays.


Our expression is provocative and shall be bombed. Such is life.


We are denied the possibility of jihad by a divine bureaucracy, yet are creatures built to loath inaction. We may not talk of love (‘That is indecent!’) and we are not quite healthy if we don’t.


We are transcendental beings, high, as the centuries have made us. Our feet are made of clay and firmly planted in a pool of shit.


Welcome to my garden. The surfaces I use are the soil I till. I take a layer off the top, and then another, and another until I may plant a seed or few. Do you see the marks I have scratched and etched here? Do they not look like the marks a shepherd puts on his herd, a slave-driver on his slaves? Or do they not rather look like the mark made by greatness on those less great, or by the mediocre on those less so?


Do you see my figures peaceful, tranquil, even in the face of their deformities and their essential corruption, in the midst of their despicable settings? Do you find a reflection of yourselves?


Do you see my children playing? My ambiguous, oft-distorted children, do you see them? They will have the inheritance of all that we have. They will be as corrupt as we are, and more.


And yet, they have hope. They ARE hope Perfect Replica Watches.

We must go back to our first humanity. We have lost whatever makes us human, or we have denied it to ourselves. We must become who we were made to be. We must take again, the forbidden